The Arcade March 2017

I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS ROUND OF THE ARCADE YOU HAVE NO IDEA! I have looked at the previews and my head exploded. It was saying I MUST HAVE EVERYTHING! I’ve been flipping out about it in a friends IM box and needless to day I felt the need to shut up about it because that was all I was talking about. Now before you go rushing off to try to get to the sim, just know, that it does not open for another 4 days! I know right! Too long to wait for it. I have gone to every single round of the Arcade since it started and this time I truly do want everything that is there. I honestly CANNOT wait! Of course with it opening before my payday I have to wait a little bit and I hate waiting to get into an event so big where everything is just absolutely amazeballs. So here is a picture of me waiting… Impatiently waiting I might add. WHEN IS IT MY TURN?! I have a house that needs to be even more furnished and a closet that needs to be filled. Ok I’m lacking in the closet department. But I have the stuff to fill it! I also need more clothes because you can never have too many clothes in SL right? And shoes… omg shoes. Ok Ok I’ll stop with the flipping out. I know it can be a little overwhelming and annoying sometimes. Here is a link to the previews as well!

The Arcade March 2017


Styling Card:

Head and skin were previously blogged, please refer to the previous blog to find out information about them.

Hair: Lamb. Widowspeak – Fatpack (Previous Luxe Box for January)

Dress: [Vale Koer] Trillion Dress (for Maitreya)

Shoes: -KC- Shoes & Apparel Suami Heels

Furniture: Scarlet Creative Foundry Desk Dark MC

PLAAKA BrassLamp


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