Decorating For the Holidays


So I’ve been decorating my house for the holidays coming up and I decided to go with an outfit that depicted my mood. Something comfortable and cozy. I decided to also match it to the second holiday hat that I love so much. It comes in a pack with the previous hat I blogged with the gingerbread man.

Styling Card:

Skin: Glam affair – Emma Skin – America Tone

Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Cristal – Basics

Outfit: . offbaet / warm warm sweat set. 11

Spear: Primus Macaw Spear (white- rare)

Shield: -{Aegis}- Snowflake Shield

Makeup: Pink Acid My everyday prim alpha eye makeup (Top lashes)

Hat: MishMish – Bakery Fluffy Hat – Holidays (Pudding)

Furniture and decorations:

Tree: *AF* Christmas Tree 2015 Full (Available @ We ❤ RP)

Apple Fall Clifton Cast Iron Fireplace (black) (Available @ Apple Fall Main Store)

Rug: . aisling . Hey Mickey!


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