Kei is at the Midwinter Fair V

Kei’s spot is at the Midwinter Fair V and she has made some pretty awesome stuff. I’m not just saying that because she is a good friend of mine and I blog her stuff, I am saying it because I am freaking ecstatic about these things.

Snowball gun both non gm and gm versions. Gm version has a sheath as well. WARNING: This totally awesome gun does 20% damage. So it should totally be be legalized by all Gorean sims. *nods* The script in it is based off of a bow script but is only scripted to do 20%. I have tested it myself and it is freaking awesome.

Reindeer Mount: There is a regular mount and a static reindeer so that you can either wear him as a mount or for decoration. There is also a little game where you can get the mount version and the non gm version of the snowball gun. It is called Reindeer Games. You can run around on this totally adorable steampunk reindeer and shoot at your friends with the non gm snowball gun. Or you could get them and wear the gm version of the snowball gun and the rideable mount and have a fun cute little christmas raid! ENDLESS FUN FOR SURE!

Also being sold is an adorable music box. It spins and everything! Oh my goodness my OCD (Obsessive Christmas Disorder) is going wild! Even my Sl house is covered in christmas decor along with my rp bakery. This music box is literally the perfect addition to my collection. It even lights up. Two different versions available. One as a light source and the other is not. Both spin.


YOU JUST HAVE TO SEE ALL OF THIS FOR YOURSELF! I think they are absolutely adorably amazing. NOW I CAN RUN AROUND GOR AND SHOOT PEOPLE WITH SNOW BALLS! If sims feel that they should be legalized as well. DON’T FORGET TO CHECK OUT MIDWINTER FAIR V!

Sunday December 13th – 31st.

Styling card: (because I have to add it in to make this post longer of course)

Hair: Truth Hair Bronwyn (In blonde) (100Ls for 12 days of christmas)

Shirt: Blueberry – Nicole – Mesh – Shoulder Jackets and Tanks

Armor: MI Female Leather Pauldrons

Boots: Reign.- Phoenix Boots Black

Snowball Gun: Kei Spot (Available at Midwinter Fair V)

Makeup: Corvus: Under Eyeliner

(Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara is worn! Along with the hands! Comes preloaded with the Glam Affair skin appliers)

Belt: :(p):-We<3RP:// Pitch Outfit (from a previous round)


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