Upcoming Gacha Event! LOVE AND WAR!




I am so excited for this Gacha Event. I was offered the chance to Blog for it and of course I accepted! These first few items got me all excited about it even more so. Game of Thrones items? HELLZ TO THE YEAH! \o/ 


First item on my list of course was the outfit from *LE*. I am  a huge fan of GoT and I am a Stark fan! WINTER IS COMING! I love it so much it makes my heart sing! 

Styling Card:

Hair: ::Exile:: Wild Horses (naturals Raven)

Tunic: *LE* Rare Starks Tunic (Love and War Gacha Fair 4th Anniversary NOT OPEN JUST YET!)

Skirt: *LE* Rare Starks Skirt (Love and War Gacha Fair 4th Anniversary NOT OPEN YET!)




THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE DRESSES! Designed especially for the Love and War Gacha Fair. It fits amazingly well and I haven’t taken it off since I put it on!

Styling Card:

Hair: . Liquence .- F2 in Genetics

Corset: [BP] Arya – Silver Ultra Rare

Dress/Sleeves: [BP] Arya – Silver Ultra Rare (mask, corset and necklace included)




This next Item is from Circe for the Event. I looks so pretty put together with the dress above.


Circe – Mesh neck corset RARE (available in different sizes)



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