Whisper is one of my favorite avatars. She was a mute feral before she was collared. Now she is the FC to a wonderful man named Vailyn, who ironically enough wants to tame her from her wild ways. Her only means of communication are writing or doing hand gestures. Learning the ways of a Free woman she finds herself struggling to figure out what her life will be like outside of munching small animals and wearing a collar around her neck.

Kidnapped from her craddle at birth from Panthers, she was tattooed over just about every inch of her body. The screams that left her throat from the pain she endured ripped her vocal cords causing her to become mute for the rest of her days. Within a few years she was then rescued by Mambas who raised her from the age of 4. They sharpened her little teeth and taught her the ways of a pet. She was not normal due to her time as a captive in a small dank cage so she never really learned the ways of standing and treating herself as a woman of Gor. Within the next few years her life had changed. She trusted no one who came near her and all but bit the heads off of people who touched her. She had been collared one day and was in a collar for most of her teen years until she came of age and realized that she wanted to be a woman of Gor. Not having ever been taught nor touched she went in search of who she was. Coming across a house that was vacant and warm she lock picked herself in to find food and shelter. In the midst of searching she was discovered by a man who claimed her as his woman, even though she was clueless as to what that meant. With the fear of a collar in her thoughts she fought him with everything that she had until she could no longer fight. He wanted to tame her and he had yet to realize that she was not as wild as he had originally thought. She was one to keep to herself unless she felt threatened in one form or another. Now she is the woman of this man and carries within her a child. Never has she known about this kind of life and so her first time being in this life is a little confusing to her. One day, hopefully, Whisper will see that this is what she had asked for when she wanted release from her collar. For now, she has some warming up to do before she finds herself and her unborn child in the world of slavery.

Hope you all enjoyed my little story of Whisper. Look for her in the fashion posts to come! Lots of new things to post and lots of new things to blog about! YAAAAY!


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