New In 2013 First Hunt Gift Sent Out!

HC Creations “New In 2013 Hunt”

HCC Beach Cottage







Permission: copy/modify (scripts are only copy)
Prim: 25 (without accessories)
Texture: 21 for the walls, 21 for the windows, 4 for the roof
Accessories to rezz: 8
Bed 5 prim
Gardentable: 4 prim
Loftground Ivy: 5 prim
Picture: 1 prim
Poster Giant: 2 prim
Poster James Dean: 2 prim
Windowplanter left: 4 prim
Windowplanter right: 4 prim

Menus (the first sitter get the female, the second the male menu)::
*Chill (6 animations)
*Sorrow (5 animations)
*Ready for bed (9 animations)
*Sleeping (8 animations)

♦Couple Sleep
A couple sleeping sequence

*Massage (5 animations)
*Cuddle (11 animations)
*Sex (13 animations)
*After Sex (5 animations)
*SeqSex (sequence)
*SeqAfterSex (sequence)

I would like to say that this little beach cottage is super cute and not so bad on the prims.. What I counted with the rezzable objects the Land Impact is 54 prims. Without the rezzable objects the impact is 28. You could use the objects that come with the house which are super duper cute or you could rez out your own things. Though I must say that the furniture posters and plants that come with the house are super cute. It even has a cute little loft for your bedroom. Clicky the life saver outside and you can change the textures of the house, roof and windows! Its super cute!



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