New For 2013 HUNT!


I cant tell you how excited I am for this! I loooooove hunts and this one is coming up SOOOO fast! Not only am I excited about the hunt but I am also excited to see what new clothes and items designers are coming out with for the upcoming year. This year we had Mesh presented to us in all forms. Furniture, clothes, shoes, eyes and even avatars. I am curious to see what next new AMAZING product will come out in 2013. Dont get me wrong. I love mesh. Love it, but I am sure some of you have noticed a lot of the clothes are the same but with different textures. They all look amazing and unique to the designer. Will designers come out with personally made templates for their clothes? Will they keep their templates and change only a few things? Will they add something extra? Will there be a whole new SL sensation that will spread around the grid like the chicken pox? Who knows? DO THE HUNT WHEN IT STARTS!!! YOU WILL HAVE TO SEE WHATS UP!



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