Inspire Me Week 2 Post #2: These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things




Photo #1:

Skin: [IREN] – Zoey – medium

Hair: [LeLutka] – Blythe hair/ Dark Brunette (Also Drawn on for more effect)

Dress: Belote – March Gift – Purple Dress

Feet: *{ Severed GarDeN }* Rigged * NATURAL*Bared

Nothing is better then having a little bit of monies in your pocket or lindens up in the right corner of your screen. Sim hopping and buying what ever your little heart desires is always the best way to calm down and spend time with friends. Different places have different things no matter what type of Fashionista you are 😀 We all have our favorite stores that we regularly shop at but it is always a new adventure to search different places and find the ones that suit you best! 

Photo #2

Skin: [IREN] -Zoey- medium

Hair: [Yulicie] Anya – Natural Pack (Light Black)

Cloak: [A] Aarenesme Red Riding Hood

Pants: ! Cellar Door Alanna

Boots: [FF] Musica Outift with Boots [Mesh] (just the boots)

I Love Snow! If I could I would live in the snow for the rest of my life. It is so peaceful and calming. The best way to watch snow is to be curled up on a chair or the sofa next to the window with a nice warm fuzzy blanket and a mug of hot chocolate. Also playing in it. That is the best way to actually ENJOY snow, In my opinion. Watching the little fluffy flakes fall from the sky and land on the ground that is covered in it. AMAZING!


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