Yay new Hunts!


Yay! Everyone loves hunts! Especially ones that are for new items that you pay full price for. This coming up hunt is particularly for the newness of 2013. It has items from new designers and of course our favorite one that we regularly buy things from like we are a fat kid in a cake store. I personally am excited for this hunt because not only am I obsessed with shopping, I am obsessed with finding new places to shop for all of my many styles. If you are like me and have to get that little Model Beauty Pageant devil out of your head and onto your cute little right shoulder to whisper in your ear that you NEED to do this and buy this and all that other stuff in my opinion, DO IT! Seriously. Who doesnt like new things to showcase for your friends. I cant tell you how excited I am to have been accepted to blog for it. YAY NEWNESS!


 Hunt Blog : http://newin2013hunt.tumblr.com/

Application to blog for the hunt: http://newin2013hunt.tumblr.com/applications




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